Services of Shamlaji Hospital


a not-for-profit medical center

Services of Shamlaji Hospital
a not-for-profit medical center

Shamlaji Hospital offered service like Primary and Scondary Medical Care, Out Patient Services, Inpatient Services, General and Gynecological Surgery, 24×7 Emergency Care, Ultrasound Services, Laboratory and Xray facilities.
All Services including out patient treatment, inpatient treatment, lab, X-ray, sonography, opertaions, deliveries and medicines are provided free of charge.
About 8,000 patients are treated as out patients and about 900 as in patients every month.

Shamlaji Hospital provides the following services/facility:

  • Trust buys additional medicines, lab and X-ray supply as patients volume has tremendously increased. This costs up to twelve lakhs rupees per year.
  • Free reconstructive plastic surgery camps.
  • Free regular cataract camps.
  • Free regular gynecology camps.
  • Free medical camps.
  • Free Specialist care is made available as follows :

- Oncology on appointment basic
- Surgery
- Orthopedic
- Physician
- Dermatology
- Pediatric
- Psychiatrist

  • Regular Vaccination program.
  • Delivery related services are free of cost.
  • Free pick up and drop facilities for pregnant woman.
  • Distribution kit for new born babies and Rs.250/- as motivation amount to every pregnant woman after delivery.
  • Free distribution of nutritive diet (Sukhadi) by trust to antenatal women for nurishment before and after delivery.
  • iron injection for pregnant women having low HB.
  • All kind of treatments free of charge to the RSBY card holdrs and BPL beneficiries
  • Bio-Medical Waste is disposed through govt. approved contractor who collect Bio-Medical Waste every alternate day.
  • 300 to 350 patients are treated & given medicines on OPD Base and 30 to 35 patients are treated as in-patients everyday.

Implimentation and Monitering of Government Scheme

  • JSSK (Janni Shishu Suraksha Yojana)
  • Chiranjivi Yojana
  • Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY)
  • Emergency Medical Responce 108 (EMR 108)

Preparedness of Health Facilities for inpatients care and the utilization of beds for such care :

  • This Hospital occupy 50 beds
  • Well Equipped resuscitation room
  • X-ray Room
  • Well Equipped Laboratory
  • Two Operation Theatres
  • One Ambulance.
  • 24 Hrs. Emergency Services Provided.
  • Health van For Outreach Programme
  • Full Time Surgeon Available.

Quality of Services Provided for Institutional Deliveries :

  • Full Time Gynecologist Available here
  • Well Equipped labor Room
  • Well Equipped Operation Theatre
  • This Hospital is linked up with Chiranjivi Yojana of Gujarat Govt.
  • Program for reduction of maternal and child mortality :
  • We also had discussion with local Dais( traditional birth attendants) to encourage institutional deliveries.
  • We have hired two female health worker for pre-natal education of the patients.
  • Our Gynecologist & Female Health Worker visits four primary health centers every Monday.

Shamlaji Hospital is now equipped with latest following machines donated by Rotary Club.
1. Automated Lab Cell Counter (Hematology Analyzer)
Cell Counter1Before received the lab cell counter, all the blood tests like WBC, CBC, RBC, HB, etc. were being done manually. Hence, it took long time. Patients had to wait for longer time and sometime they had to come next day due to heavy rush in laboratory test. Automated Lab Cell Counter makes big difference. Now we can do Hematology test with in 5 to 10 minutes and deliver report to the patient very quickly. . With this fully automated cell counter patient gets perfect blood reports in a short time. . So patients can go home same morning after showing the report to physician and getting the treatment. . As in this tribal area most of the patients come from interior area of Shamlaji, this Lab Cell Counter Machine is very useful for the patients.

2. Auto Analyzer Machine
Auto Analyzer1Before received the Auto Analyzer Machine, all the Bio Chemistry tests like SGPT, Lipid Profie, S.creatin, Blood Cholesterol, etc. were being done manually. Hence, it took long time. Routine OPD Patients and Pre-operative patients had to wait for long time for the results.. Now we can do Bio Chemistry tests with Auto Analyzer machine with in short time of period and deliver report to the patient rapidly and patients get diagnosed accordingly.

3. Microscope
Lab Microscope1We have two laboratory technicians but had only one Microscope. Now we have another new Nikon made Lab Microscope donated by International Rotary. Because of this our both technicians can work at the same time whenever frequency of Microscopic lab test is higher. New Microscope provides better resolution which is useful in all microscopic test and watching slides.

4. Digital X-ray
Digital X-ray1Digital x-ray makes big difference in quality of result of x-ray. Now we can deliver better quality x-ray film within no time to patients. We do not have Radiologist on staff at Shamlaji Hospital. In past we had to send the Xrays with the patient to near by city to get Radiologist’s interpretation of X ray.Now we can get radiologist opinion online by sending digital images of x-ray. . Now we will be able to diagnose diseases early and treat patients accordingly more efficiently

5. Ultra Sound Machine ( Donated by other donor )
ultrasound machineNew Ultra Sound Machine is installed in Shamlaji Hospital. We have Full time Gynecologist and General Surgeon available, the Ultra Sound Machine becomes very useful tool to diagnose the patients. Patients are also get benefit of Ultra Sound Machine here at Shamlaji Hospital. Now they do not need to go the higher centre for Sonography.
Cat Scans are not available in rural hospital. So ultrasound is the only way to diagnose certain diseases early

Mother & Child Welfare Programme