Patients Story

Radha Babubhai Kharadi : 1st Plastic Surgery Patient Operated at Shamlaji Hospital

pre & post op

Radha Babubhai Kharadi is  1st Plastic Surgery Patient of Shamlaji Hospital.  Radha was born on 1st June 2000 with defect of cleft lip. When her father saw her, he got worried about her future. He went to private hospital at Modasa to get plastic surgery done but he was said that it will cost Rs. 50,000/- cost. Radha’s father is a small farmer and his financial condition was not well therefore he could not afford such costly surgery, also they were not ready to go to Ahmedabad Civil Hospital for surgery so he had to postpone the surgery.  Meanwhile he brought Radha to the Shamlaji Hospital’s outreach programme in Mota Kantharia where Dr. Joshi saw Radha and discussed with her father about his daughter’s deformity. After knowing his condition Dr. Joshi decided to start Free Plastic Surgery Camp for poor tribal patients at their door step at Shamlaji Hospital.

In December 2003 first plastic surgery camp of Shamlaji Hospital was scheduled. Radha’s father brought Radha for surgery but still he was feeling fear of surgery. At one time he decided to decline surgery & left the hospital without medical advice having IV lines on her daughter’s hand. But later on his wife Ramilaben Babubhai Kharadi convinced him to go for surgery without fear & with faith in God and Doctors. The Surgery was done successfully.

At Present Radha is studying in 11th Standard. She is very clever student in school and got 1st Rank in Standard 10th in her school. Her life became very happy due to Medical Field. Hence,   she wants to join the medical field in future and become a Nurse to serve poor local population like her family.

Patient Name : Jivabhai Danabhai Gameti

Age : 70 yrs.

Address : At & Post – Ansol, Taluka – Bhiloda, Dist – Aravalli

Occupation : Farmer

The Patient Jivabhai Danabhai Gameti lives at Village Ansol 10 KM from Shamlaji. He is farmer.  DSC_3566Patient was complaining about low vision for last 1 year. From last month patient lost her vision completely. The patient was completely depend upon his family member for his routine work and therefore he was feeling very bad. He was praying god to finish his life. Meanwhile, his one relative from her daughter’s in law side informed him about free eye check up & cataract surgeries done at Shamlaji Hospital. The patient came to Shamlaji Hospital on 30th March 2015 with hope of getting his vision back. At Shamlaji Hospital Ophthalmic Assistant checked his eye and found the patients had bilateral cataract and need to operate. All the necessary laboratory test was done & report was normal. Hence, patient is called for his left eye cataract surgery on 30th April, 2015. Cataract Surgery was done on 30th April 2015. Operation was very successful. When dressing was open, patient was very happy i.e. he was able to see now. He got his vision back. Patient said ‘Shamlaji hospital is a blessing of god for this poor rural tribal area. I got very good health care facility near my home. Hospital is very neat & clean that I feel it like my home’.  Shamlaij Hospital provides free food, milk & stay to patient & patient’s one relative.



AGE : 25 YRS





Patient has delivered a bay on 17/092014 at Shamlaji Hospital & discharged from hospital after IMG-20150430-WA000948 hrs of delivery. After 3-4 days patient had bleeding problem. Hence, patient direct went to Himatnagar Civil Hospital. The Doctor from Civil Hospital, Himmatnagar advised her to do sonography. The Patient went to Harsh Hospital Bhiloda for sonography. The Doctor from Hasrh Hospital Bhiloda informed her infection in abdomen as per sonography report and advised her to go to Civil Hospitl Ahmedabad. As patient’s finalacial condition is not good, she went to Himatnagar Civil Hospital where D & E was done & treated for 8 day. After surgery & treatment she was discharged from hospital.  As there was something went wrong in surgery, patient was not feeling well and complained her father about it. They went to Godhamji Hospital, Idar for treatment & admitted for 5 days. After 5 days, Staff from Idar Hospital denied for surgery & advised patient to go to Himatnagae Civil Hospital or Ahmedabad Civil Hospital. Patient’s condition was critical, She could not pass stool properly. There was a hole in intestine due to surgery error made by Himatnagar Civil Hospital. Hence, stool was came out from abodmen part & patient was suffering a lot. Thenafter they went to Himatnagar Private Hosptal where she admitted from 20 days & again surgery done. The patient was charged Rs. 90,000/-. But patient was not feeling wel. The Doctor requested them to leave the hospital as he could not treat them properly.  As her husband’s condition was not well, her father has paid whole charges by borrowing money. But After 15 days  patient had same complained So her father took her to Ahmedabad Private Hospital where per day charge was Rs. 5000/- which is not affordable by patients. Hence, they returned to home without taking any treatment. People residing surrounding, their home advised her to go to Shamlaji hospital. The Patient came to Shamlaji Hosptal & admitted here for treatment. The Dr. Vipul Oza (Gynecologist), administrator of Shamlaji Hospital seen the patient & advised her to go to Ahmedabad Civil Hospital. He has made all arrangement at Civil Hospital Ahmedabad for proper treatment of Patient. The patient is referred at Civil Hospital Ahmedabd by Shamlaji Hospital Ambulance  totally free. The patient was operated on 06.12.14 at Civil Hospital Ahmedad & discharges on 23.12.14. The operation was successful. The patient was so happy as she got proper guidance from Shamlaji Hospital. Doctors & staff from Shamlaji Hosital treated her well totally free. She comes for her regular dressing to Shamlaji Hospital. Shamlaji Hospital provides her to & fro fare for her routine dressing. Patient’s condition is too good now.

The patient was suffering physically and socially due to her medical problem. Her husband has left her to her father’s home & never call her during this weird situation. All the care of patient is taken by her father only.


Patient Name : Shiviben B. Chauhan

Age : 41 yrs.

Village : Amrapur,  Dist – Modasa

The Patient Shiviben B. Chauhan lives in village Amrapur, Dist – Aravalli. Her husband is farm labor. Their financial condition is not well and therefore she also does labor work. She was suffering from adenomyosis of uterus since last 1 year. They went to Modasa to consult a private doctor & took treatment from there but they didn’t feel any cure. Hence, they came to Shamlaji Hospital and met Gynecologist Dr. K. N. Shah who advised them for laparoscopic surgery without stitches. The patient became ready for surgery.  On 17th March 2017, total laparoscopic hysterectomy is done by Dr. Vipul Oza successfully at Shamlaji Hospital. In private hospital such surgery is cost around Rs. 40,000/- to 50,000/-. The patient was BPL beneficiary and RSBY Card Holder. Hence, at Shamlaji Hospital the surgery performed totally free of cost. The patient is very happy that such a costly surgery is done at Shamlaji Hospital without any cost. They said ‘In this poor tribal area such type of surgery with latest technology is really a god blessing for poor patients like us’. They are very thankful to Shamlaji Hospital for successful surgery.



Patient Name : Kamlaben Rameshbhai Damor

Age : 52 yrs.

Address : Bhiloda

Kamlaben Rameshbhai Damor is house wife who lives in Bhiloda.  Her husband is retired1 from his services in Gujarat Electricity Board. Kamlaben was suffering from severe pain in abdomen for 3-4 month & bleeding for last 1 year. She consulted private doctor at Bhiloda who prescribed medicines to her. But she did not feel wel.   Hence, they came to Shamlaji Hospital and met Gynecologist Dr. K. N. Shah checked patient and found on examination she is having chronic PID, fish mouth cervix. She is advised to undergo pelvic USG reveals she has Lt ovarian cyst & Hydrosalpinx of Rt. fallopin tube  and adenomyosis of uterus. She is advised to undergo vaginal hysterectomy.  The patient became ready for surgery.  On 12th May 2017, vaginal hysterectomy with lt salpingo ophrectomy & Rt salpingectomy  done by Dr. Vipul Oza successfully at Shamlaji Hospital. Following the surgery specimen of uterus is cut open and found gross adenomyosis changes, fish mouth cervix, lt. ovarian cyst & hydrosalpinx are evident. Endometrium is hyperplastic. In private hospital such surgery is cost around Rs. 40,000/- to 50,000/-. The patient is very happy that such a costly surgery is done at Shamlaji Hospital at very reasonable cost compare to private hospital.. They said ‘In this poor tribal area such type of surgery with latest technology is really a god blessing for poor patients’. They are very thankful to Shamlaji Hospital for successful surgery.