Shamlaji Hospital Management

a not-for-profit medical center

  1. Management Committee
  2. The Management Committee is set up at shamlaji hospital with the intention of smooth administration of hospital with Public Partnership. The member of committee includes leading citizens, key position officer of Health Department, local representative and Social Worker. The Meeting of such committee is held twice in a year. The decision for important issues of hospital is taken with the discussion held with the members of committee during the meeting.

  3. Advisory Committee
  4. The main Aim of hospital is to provide good health treatment to different kinds of people from society. The hospital has set up another committee to take important decision of hospital from the proper suggestion of representatives of society and implement such suggestion to improve administration of hospital. The Meeting of Advisory Committee also held twice in a year.

  5. Rogi Kalyan Committee
  6. The Rogi Kalyan Committee is formed with the noble intention to provide every type of good health facilities to patients. The fund is generated under Rogi Kalyan Committee by the yearly grant from Government and donations from donors. This Fund is used for patients welfare and increase health facilities by the decision taken in the meeting of Rogi Kalyan Committee which is held quarterly.